Dan Wood, Tour Guide.

After the Federal Government Shutdown sent thousands of employees home without pay, Dan realised a career with the US National Park Service may not offer the job security he’s looking for. So he’s turned to the private sector and set his sights on running American history tours from the unique Australian perspective. He hopes to ride off the commercial success of Outback Steakhouse and Hugh Jackman.

He realises some people may be skeptical of an Australian giving US history tours, so he’s taken to exploiting the “Aussie charm” by always starting an answer to tourists’ questions with “G’day”. He thinks it will be endearing and disarm any skeptics. I’m not so sure.

In the first scene, Dan is standing in a campground at Pokagon State Park, Indiana, it really was beautiful. If you go for a visit, just make sure you arrive “probably three weeks” earlier than Dan did and stay for “eight days”.

The second location was just outside of Vicksburg, Mississippi on old highway 61. It is the remains of what Reverend H.D. Dennis promised to make his wife and is littered with Christian scripture. It’s known as the Grocery Store.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in ‘Nawlins is indeed where parts of Interview with the Vampire were filmed. But that’s not where Jon Stewart is buried. He’s not dead, yet.

Emerald Mound is just off Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi. It is the second largest Native American ceremonial mound in the United States. It is 35 feet high.


One Response to Dan Wood, Tour Guide.

  1. Paul Wood says:

    I don’t think Coxy has anything to worry about. But just one question; why is the sky sometimes blue and other times not?

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