TSFW part 1

Mammoth Lakes Thrift Store, CA

Mammoth Lakes is a sleepy mountain town of 9,000 people with a daily weather forecast that ranges from 30°C at 1pm, hail and 8°C at 4pm and overnight lows of -1°C. Needless to say their only local thirft store reflected the practical need for layering their weather called for. Whenever show boots and snow gloves make a comeback, this is the place to raid for vintage and retro pieces.

Guaranteed finds: Thermals, maternity denim dresses and enough snow wear to build an army of professionally decked out ice queens.

Looks to scavenge for: On-trend denim on denim and trench coats for W13/14 and lots of grungy flower power dresses.

Prices: Cheap dresses, t-shirts and bottom, exxy manchester and outerwear.

Emma found:

Hat: $2 Dress: $4 Trench coat: $8

Bucket hat: $2
Denim dress: $4
Denim trench coat: $12

Dan found:

Trench coat ($20)

Trench coat: $20

Needles Thrift Store, CA

Needles had it all…once: Route 66, bustling diners and a pumping main-strip. Since the “Main Street of America” was usurped by America’s freeways, the town has gone quiet, but its loud murals will never forget it’s former glory. Their only thrift store is hugely reminiscent of that time. Discarded (and somewhat inappropriately merchandised) Route 66 shot glasses line the walls, cassette audio books outnumber CDs and everything is packed in tight on the rack, as though it’s asking you to make it relevant again.

Guaranteed finds: Needles High School sportswear for a grungy sports luxe look, t-shirts emblazoned with studs reminiscent of American Indians and Cowboys and enormous 80s shirts and jackets with the loudest prints.

Looks to scavenge for: Glistening turquoise bomber jackets and lumberjack jackets.

Prices: Cheap. Real cheap. We got a men’s collared shirt, a Dandy Warhols’ Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia , Divinyls’ What a Life! and a Coca-Cola sweater for $3. Roughly $AUD3.18. Savers could never compete.

Dan found:

Flannel shirt: $1 Lumberjack jacket: $3

Flannel shirt: $1
Lumberjack jacket: $3

Emma found:

Patterned jacket: $1 Denim skirt with elasticated waistband: $1

Patterned jacket: $1
Denim skirt with large, elasticated waistband: $1

Goodwill, Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s Vegas, baby, where everything that glitters ain’t gold and you will always have 20 cents left over from the gaming machines (reusable within 30 days). This particular Goodwill (a non-profit that offers job training and employment placements for people with disabilities and has supermarket sized thrift stores across the country) serves as a graveyard for Las Vegas’ leather, costume-esque clothing, strappy shimmery heels and golf clubs (presumably used at one of the city’s 45 courses). Amongst the tacky were a few gems.

Guaranteed finds: Diamante embellished jeans and leather skirts.

Looks to scavenge for: Rompers and overalls still hanging around from someone’s late 90s clear out.

Prices: Mostly standard, with leathers and ‘The Collection’ ramped up.

Emma found this shoulderpadded oddity:

Tribal jumper dress: $6

‘Tribal’ jumper dress: $6


One Response to TSFW part 1

  1. Paul Wood says:

    What is found in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

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